Iconic Tradition

Easy Sunday.  Went to get the 14 year old in our Nash Metro.  Was fun in the perfect weather until we broke down or ran out of gas…  Was still fun in the fall weather.

Tonight went with the whole crew to buy our Christmas tree.  Much debate ensued.  Too big or too small.  Lopsided or one without a perfect top.  Too skinny or too fat, or one with a hole in its side.  Finally found the right tree; paid the guy $89 bucks and a tip for tyiing it on top of our SUV.

Quick dinner at Wildsides.  Then home, drag it around to the front porch, put it in the stand, and then wrestle it through the front door.  Admiring it when we’re done, time for bed.

SoHo to the 800 Yard Dash

Last night we were still in SoHo.  Met our friends from Maitland who also happened to be in the City.  Met them for drinks at Broom Street Pub.  Lots of cocktails and stories.  Afterwards took my girlfriend to have tapas at Boqueria on Spring.  Sat at the bar and shared food with a girl couple who sat next to us.  My girlfriend couldn’t talk, voice gone, which was kind of funny.  Amazing food.

Up early, quick flight home through flawless skies.  Made it just in time to see my 11 year old run the mile in the big meet.  He came in third, to his shock and dismay, having been sure that he would be the fastest.  Competitive little guy; wonder where he gets it…  Waited for hours in the drizzley fall air, finally watched him come in fourth in the 800.  Picked up dinner on the way home at Whole Foods, kids to bed and now watching It’s a Wonderful Life.  And yes it is.

To close with a great quote from Mark Twain, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Perfect Day

With my girlfriend, who is also my wife.  NYC.  Beautiful weather, shopping.  Today was her day.  Strolled down Canal, through what’s left of Little Italy, the burgeoning China Town which is bigger than ever.  Lunch at the Fat Radish.  Amazing restaraunt.  Best chicken soup I’ve ever had.  Had some prosecco, kale salad, bacon wrapped brussell sprouts, and a blue cheese and prosciutto sandwich.  Shopped all the way home.  Now at hotel, going out for tapas dinner and later to meet friends from home at an irish pub. Great great day.

Book of Mormon

Went to Book of Mormon play on Broadway tonight.  Funniest.  Play.  Ever.

Really loved it.  Hadn’t planned on going, friend here in the City got us tickets.  Despite belly aching about not wanting to go from girlfriend, we went anyway.  After she grudgingly admitted play was awesome.  Ha.  Still laughing.

Walking through Times Square this time of the year is always cool.  VERY crowded but very alive.  Justin Bieber was here last night…  I am so sorry we missed him.  Damn.

Times Square

Went to Blue Ribbon in Soho after for dinner.  Awesome local joint.  Killer endive salad.  Wish I had ordered seafood, had the strip which was good but seafood looked better, I had order envy.  Best part was watching other patrons; local artist patrons and gregarious waiter made the night.

Back to Soho Grand afterwards and crashed out.  Great end to a great day.

Little Things

In the movie Vanilla Sky, the protagonist David Aames is talking to his guide, and has just come to the realization that he is dead.  As he comes to grips with his situation, and looks back on his life, his spirit guide comments “It’s little things.”

Aames muses.  “Little things.  There’s nothing bigger, is there?”

And a few minutes later, while looking into the eyes of his great love, he asks , “Didn’t you once say that every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around?”  

Today I spent the afternoon with my 14 year old daughter at my downtown office.  I worked, she did homework in our conference room.  Took her to Staples and bought her a bunch of school supplies she needed.  Talked to her about her class assignments and helped her straighten out some of her notebooks which were a jumbled mess.  Took her to lunch, and later for an afternoon snack where she ate all of hers and some of mine.

Over the last several years it’s been difficult for me to grapple with her growing up.  My wife, as the knowing outside observer, I think actually feels a bit sad for me.  Which is saying something because I usually never get (nor deserve if truth be told) much sympathy from her.  But she sees the change in my relationship with our daughter and she thinks it’s sad.

I’m better with the situation now, but over the last few years I’ve sometimes felt almost as if I’ve been in mourning, or even more like I was dumped by a girlfriend who I really loved.  I used to have someone who climbed in my lap and danced with me in our living room.  My little friend who thought I was cool.  Now I have a confusing and often frustrating relationship with someone who sometimes feels like a stranger.  We have little common ground now and it’s just plain awkward lots of the time.  And I’m not even REMOTELY close to being cool any more.

But today was good.  Didn’t talk much about big issues or anything at all really.  But we were together.  And it was good.

Tonight after everyone had gone to bed it was still just the two of us sitting at the breakfast room table working.  She was doing her homework, still.  I too was reading a book for work.  Finally she finished.  As she got up from the table, collected her books and stuffed them in her backpack, she thanked me for the day.  With sincerity.  Which I don’t get from her very much any more.  And she gave me a real kiss and a real hug.  Which is even more rare.

A little thing, perhaps.  But there’s nothing bigger.


The Diamond Road

It’s easy to miss the diamonds in the road.  Trying to appreciate them is something that, for me, takes effort.  So, this blog.

The header photo was from a 5K I did with my eleven year old a few weeks ago.  Early fall morning with the Central Florida heat finally starting to give way.  Headphones with an old iTunes special from the Cardigans as a score for the moment.  Running behind him and watching him go.  Nothing more than the music, a gorgeous sunrise and my son.

A diamond in the road.