Best Nest


The joke is over.  Two and a half weeks into the school year and we’re back into the family grind.  Today was easy.  Bunky had school board meeting, Diddy had tutoring.  I packed up all three in the truck, dropped Diddy off at Barnes and Nobles to meet her teacher, took the littles to Chick-a-lay.  Everyone was fussy and mean until they got their Chick-a-lay sammies and waffle fries.  All better.

Then back to the bookstore to get Sissy, had fun looking in the kids section for books.  Miffy got a puppy book.  Better moods all around on the way home.  Life is very good.

Home and homework, Mac claimed he ‘positivlio’ had no homework but Diddy and Miffy do.  Diddy put on her beats and settles down at the breakfast table, I help Miffy with her Geography.  It’s almost 8 and we’re about to start the time-for-bed ritual.

Bunky just got home, I asked her how the meeting was.  “Boring.”

“After eleven years, the only reason I went is because I’m on the Board.”  She doesn’t know it but she’ll miss it when she doesn’t have to go anymore.

Bunky and I have a little joke between each other; the kind that only the two of you find funny because it’s based on a unique experience that you’ve had with each other, usually kid related.  One of these involves the Dr. Suess book The Best Nest.  Sometimes when I get home after a trip and talk about how great it is to be home, M will chirp in a high pitched voice “in all the world this nest is best” in reference to the book we read to all three of our kids.  She says this in a funny voice trying to be cute.  But I’m buying.

It’s cheeky but true; ‘the journey is the destination.’

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