Labor Day 2012

There Is No Spoon

Still hot but yep, that time of the year again: football season.  We are a house divided; I’m a Seminole and Bunky is a Gator (even though she denied being a ‘real’ Gator this weekend…!).  Diddy is starting to think about going to FSU and mentioned a few weeks ago that she’d love to go see a game…  We didn’t have plans so I snagged some tickets from Stub Hub and booked a few rooms.  Told her we were going and had a ticket for her boyfriend — you’d think it was Christmas.  She was giddy.

Packed up and drove to Tallahassee Saturday am, went to Bills Bookstore and bought some swag.  Friend who has box seats and couldn’t make the game (or didn’t want to bother; Murray State…) and gave them to me so we had those too.

Met friends at a tail gate part before the game.  It was hot but cold Coors lights from a keg made it all good.  Wings and dogs on the grill, chance to catch up with folks I hadn’t seen in a while, it was great.  Then to the box and more cocktails.  We let the kids go downstairs to the Stub Hub seats and they had a blast.

After the game one more at the tail gate, then home through traffic to the hotel.  Had to have a late night breakfast skillet at the Village Inn.   Up in the morning, breakfast at Steak and Shake.  Healthy healthy healthy.  And long drive home.

Great time was had by all, Diddy said was best trip she’s ever had.  Was because we took the boyfriend of course, but I’ll take it.

PS, today trying new habit.  Ran 4 this morning, then pushups and sit ups.  Try to keep it going.

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