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These are the good times, the good days, the amazing experiences with our kids.  Last night, which was Friday, went to Dexters with Bunnky, Miffy and her best friend Sofi.  Cold Guinness, talking to Bunks, watching the girls, perfect.  Mac was at lacrosse practice till I had to pick him up in the drenching downpour of a Friday afternoon late summer thunderstorm.


Sad night for Diddy.  Broke up with her first boyfriend of 10 months.  Inconsolable, many tears, her sweet mom being there.  Not so great a way to end a good night but part of the process of growing up as a family.  Sad for all of us because Diddy is heartbroken but kind of OK with the whole thing because we get her back.  At least for a little while longer.

Up early, Mac’s first lacrosse game of the season.  He’s on the “B” team and was down about it going into the game.  Today was different day and after scoring two goals and getting two assists, playing almost the whole game as attack, having confidence boosted to the sky, he was all smiles.

Few hours later then a soccer game with his school team and buds from class.  Got beat narrowly, in part because Mac ‘sort of’ kicked a guy on purpose and drew a penalty kick which was winning point for other squad.  Was all great though, good times with his friends from school, and cherry on top with a lunch with the soccer bunch at Wildsides’ restaurant.  Then home, and later this afternoon after a great Saturday afternoon nap, hitting golf balls.  Yes, Mac hitting golf balls.  Heard his buddies were playing and now he’s interested in getting dialed in too.

Meanwhile, Sofi and Miffy finished a scavenger hunt I had launched them on earlier in the day.  It began with “Daddy, will you hide some things for me and Sofi to find like we’re on a scavenger hunt?”  With Mac’s game schedule being tight, didn’t have time to find and hide goodies for them so quickly made up the following for them:

Instructions: Sophi and Miffy must do this together.  To win, it must all be accomplished by 5:00 Saturday, September 8th, and posted on Tumblr.  Here   

1.  Beauty Quest
One fresh flower

One vase 
Put the flower in the vase and take a picture of it with both Sophia and Grace’s faces in the picture
2.  Snack Quest
Two bite sized pieces of cheese
Two toothpicks
Put the toothpicks in the cheese and take a picture of it with the cheese in your mouth.  Both girls must have their faces in the picture.
3.  Home-made Lemonade Quest
Two straws
One glass of cold water
Three spoonfuls of sugar
One lemon
Squeeze lemon in the glass of water, stir in sugar.  Put both straws glass.  
Take picture with both girls’ faces drinking from straws.
4.  Creepy Crawlie Quest
A jar with a lid
A live bug 
Put the live bug in the jar
Take Picture with both girls’ faces next to the bug in the jar.
5.  Neptune Quest
A big plastic container (like an empty juice bottle)
One wild live minnow, fish or tadpole from Spring Lake
Lake water
Fill bottle with the lake water.  Catch and put the live minnow, fish or tadpole in the bottle.  Take picture with both girls’ faces next to the bottle with the live fish or tadpole.
Decided not to post up on Tumblr, but here’s the proof they finished…

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