10 Things To Do Today

Saw this post from the Marc and Angel Hack Life blog tweeted a few days ago and keep coming back to read it again. It’s that good. I’m not going to re-post the whole thing but here are the basics. Really good stuff:

1. Make someone else smile.

2. Give up on being perfect and be at peace with becoming your true self.

3. Be enthusiastic about what your’e doing.

4. Spend some time simply being and breathing.

5. Learn something new and have a good time with it.

6. Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you love about yourself.

7. Focus on the qualities you like about those around you.

8. Forgive your past self. It’s over.

9. Make the best of what happens. The more thankful you are the more beautiful the world becomes.

10. Say “yes” to a spontaneous activity.

Great list.

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