Great Weekends

Last two weekends were great. Last weekend? One of the best Sundays ever. Sandwiches, then a solid nap. Then tennis for an hour with Miff. We leave the house and she’s in an old pink tee shirt, baggy St. James nylon basketball shorts, and school shoes. Not looking like a tennis bunny.

So. We hit the tennis pro shop and get her decked out in a new tennis outfit and cute little white and pink tennis shoes. She sparkles. We play tennis for an hour, dring ice water next to the court, and chat. Great fun. After running around in the sun her cheeks were so bright they looked like freckled strawberries. Couldn’t be cuter.

Home again and now it’s Macs’s turn. He decided recently he wants to learn golf. So we hit the driving range and then play an ugly nine holes. After bombing three or four holes I agree to be his caddy, and he happily duffs his way through the next five. Great conversation, he’s actually very funny.

Great weekend.

This past weekend was equally great. Friday night go across the street to a cocktail party for three new neighbors who have moved in. We’re no longer the ‘young couple’ with young kids; two of the three couples are pregnant, including our new next door neighbors.

Saturday morning Mac has two back to back lacrosse games. He’s dragging, it’s hot, and he hits a wall after the first game. Afterwards we hit Chick-fil-a and get takeout, bring home sacks of chicken nuggets and sandwiches for us and the girls. After lunch, a great nap for me. We have tickets to the off-Broadway show at Bob Carr for Beauty and the Beast; Diddy and Miff are going to go after we grab dinner at Citrus. We all go to dinner, watch the Gators beat LSU, Miff changes her mind so we drop off Mac and Diddy after dinner to watch the show. Bunks, Miff and I go home and watch Johnny Dep in Dark Shadows, I make some fresh Kava, life is good. Pick up Diddy and Mac, they’ve had a great night, get to hear them bubble recounting their favorite parts of the play. Home, bed, great Saturday night.

Sunday morning, make eggs and bacon for everyone. Kids have homework and projects, Bunky is awesome staying on them and making it happen. Mac reminds me I promised to take him golfing for 18 holes, grudgingly I take him to the course and get a cart. Something I would never do myself. Despite my bad attitude we have a blast. Seriously. He’s growing up and is hilarios; he’s cutting up and chattering the whole way, grinning his too big front teeth grin every time he beats me with a better score on a hole — which is most of them — or makes a good shot. Diamond Road stuff, was a day I’ll try to remember for a long time. It was that good. Have bonded with him more lately than ever before, he’s everything and more than I could have ever hoped for in a son.

Back home and I have points with Bunky for having taken Mac golfing. So I get to take a nap. Does a day get much better? Get up, and it’s time to put up Bunky’s Halloween house decorations. Spiders with a huge web, takes a ladder and lots of stick-on hooks perched precariously ten feet up over thick bushes. Miff flutters around while I hang onto the house, giving me directions.

After finishing swing her and best friend Sofi on our front yard swing.

Great weekends. Times to remember.

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